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Artificial Turf for Your Yard?

When most people think of artificial turf, usually two things come to mind; football stadiums and Astrodome. The major league stadium, the Astrodome, was built in the 1960s and instead of grass, AstroTurf was installed in the place of real grass. This artificial turf was used in the Astrodome stadium because the stadium was covered and would have enough sunlight to grow and remain healthy.

Artificial Turf has progressed over the years. The current types of artificial turf used feature longer fibers, and infills that are a blend of sand, and tiny portions of recycled rubber. Artificial turf has advanced to homes in the past twenty-five years. Residential homes properties and some commercial applications now use artificial turf.

Buyers Guide to Artificial Turf

There are several things to consider when buying and having your artificial turf installed. Before buying your artificial grass, make sure and ask for free samples. Ask for how long the warranty is, typically, five years. Also, inquire about any delivery charges since artificial grass can weigh in the hundreds of pounds.

High-quality artificial turf will have great realism in comparison to naturally grown grass. The lawn should feel soft and have a non-abrasive texture. For drainage, your artificial garden should have drainage holes for discharge. Like plush natural grass, your grass should have a deep grass blade density.

Things You Should Ask For

Your installer should be able to show a complete portfolio of recent lawn installations. Even though you are making a residential application, ask for corporate examples of current turf applications. Why? If the installer has an excellent portfolio of recent commercial installations, this is indicative that the supplier and the installation team has substantial experience.

Ask if the supplier/installer has an open showroom and visit the garden to see up close how the finished product will look. Check and ask for all types of infill available. Quality suppliers/installers will offer sand, rubber, and other forms of non-infill surfaces for your artificial lawn.

Look out for any additional, surprise costs! Ask questions. What kind of issues? Groundwork, leveling, and preparation included in installation costs or will separate charges be incurred? These are the questions you should be asking to avoid any unplanned expenses.

Of course, ask for a complete, detailed estimate. Your estimate should include the total cost of your artificial turf, infill materials, any other needed materials, and any other material and hardware costs. Also, all installation charges should be detailed and broken down. Any fees and expenses not listed whether it is materials or labor should be listed as exceptions and costs if those exceptions have to part of the installation process. For examples of reputable dealers/installers look for artificial turf oceanside ca.

Your new artificial lawn should be glued down in strips with the seams of your artificial well hidden. All edges of your new lawn should be flush against all borders. Now it’s time to put that riding lawn mower in the garage. You will not need it. However, you will be the only one to know that the beautiful new lawn is actually artificial grass!…