Some Tips for Moving Pianos

July 14, 2017

Before thinking about moving your grandfather’s 50-year-old piano around the house, perhaps to a different room, it’s imperative to remember that the piano isn’t an ordinary piece of furniture. You need to realize that this is an instrument that has lots of movable parts such as pedals, keys and some many more components that might be very expensive to repair. Some of these instruments weight up to 1000 pounds. Carrying it around can be risky as well. If not lifted properly, you can easily find yourself hurt by the piano. The best way to move a piano is by hiring a professional mover. The mover should have experience in moving such heavy equipment. The instrument can be disassembled and brought together again once it has been moved.

Cost of Moving a Piano

You are likely to pay a little more to move your piano as compared to other things in the house. Traditional movers are more likely to decline moving the piano if they are experienced. The cost of moving one might vary between $100 to $2000. It might depend on its size and the distance it is being moved. You might also need to know how heavy the piano is. Ideally, there about 4 major types of pianos around.

They include:

  • Upright Pianos – They weigh around 400 pounds and are about 3 feet tall.
    • Horizontal grand pianos- They are difficult to move and require specialized movers. Their shape makes moving them around corners and through doors little bit difficult.
    • Grand Baby- This is one of the most popular pianos. They are quite heavy and weigh about 500 lb. they are about 5 feet long and need about four people to move them around. The piano legs will also need to be removed before moving it. The pedals need to be removed as well.
    • Ballroom- They are also known as semi-concert pianos. They are really huge and quite expensive. They could get up to $50,000. Such pianos are heavy and need proper handling. Their assembly and disassembly need to be done very cautiously.
    Also, if the piano is being taken from upstairs to downstairs, then you are likely to pay more. This information is needed by the movers so that they can provide accurate information on the quote.

Skills and Tools to Move the Piano

A fully assembled grand piano might not fit through doors and corridors in your house. It also might be pretty difficult to go around corners. You thus need a mover that will be able to disassemble the piano and take all instruments apart. If you are looking for a piano moving services garden grove ca company, be sure to inquire if they can put the equipment apart. They can then transport it and put the parts together again.

Moving a piano also requires some special dollies and boards. These boards have the ability to move up to 1000 pounds without damaging both the piano and the floor. The boards are not cheap and are stocked by professional movers. Pianos are very valuable to the people that own them and have very sentimental value. Breaking one when moving it around could be very uncalled for.