The Types of Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Avoid in Kansas City

July 14, 2017

It doesn’t matter the year. The latest bathroom trends are always online or in grocery store magazines. These trends usually explain various cabinets styles, fixtures and colors in style that year. This can make remodeling a bathroom a daunting task. A homeowner never wants the new remodel to look dated within a couple of years. In fact, bathroom remodeling Kansas City MO is a major investment to a property. To get the most out of the investment, it is important to avoid some bathroom trends.

Never Buy an Oversized Tub

Many bathroom trends will showcase oversized bathtubs large enough to fit two or more people. However, there are some major disadvantages with these larger tubs. They take a long time and water to fill. For instance, the hot water heater may run out of hot water before the oversized tub is half filled.

Also, they aren’t as comfortable as standard sized bathtubs to use because they are so large. When it comes to remodeling for an investment, an oversized tub doesn’t give a high money return. A solid return on an investment, or ROI, is important when selling property. This means if the potential buyer doesn’t like the bathtub, they may not buy it or want to decrease the asking price.

Avoid Using Tacky Colors on Bathroom Walls

Color is vital in a bathroom. It may be used as the focal point or add a nice look to the room. However, many bathroom designer go for the colors that are immediately in style and not the ones that will last. For example, green is a nice color to use in a bathroom. Various colors of green are to be avoided in a bathroom because they are dated and may turn off potential buyers. Salmon, mustard and avocado green are all paint colors to be avoided because they are dated, not timeless.

Instead of going with the latest bathroom design trend, use a mix of three muted colors. This is commonly called 70/20/10 distribution. The majority of the bathroom walls, or 70 percent, is pained the lightest color. Use a bold color for 10 percent of the room. The remainder of the room should be a lighter color.

Forget the Nickel in the Bathroom

Metallic finishes like chrome and nickel are also was on the latest bathroom trend. They tend to fade in and out of popularity. The safest bet is to go for black or gold brush finishes that typically remain popular.

Complete a Bathroom Remodel that Everyone can Enjoy

It is important to determine if the homeowner plans to sale the property within five or 10 years or remain there. If the homeowner has no plans to resale, then they are free to experiment or embrace some of the trends to avoid. They are not remodeling for resale, but for themselves.

If the homeowner plans to resale in the future, focus on nice fixtures, colors and tile that appeals to a broad section of people. There’s no need to spend an increased amount of money on fixtures when they won’t enjoy them for years to come.