Tree Service Provides More Than Just A Trim

October 13, 2017

Homes and businesses need upkeep and the trees in your landscaping should be a part of regular maintenance. It may be easy to overlook the plants and trees since they don’t grow really quickly but there are a number of reasons for keeping trees in good condition. It might be tempting to trim the trees yourself, but it is really a good idea to contact a tree service for quality tree care and maintenance.


A good tree service will provide several types of maintenance and cleaning. Some of these include tree removal, stump grinding, pruning and shaping, cleaning the tree crown and cleaning out deadwood, trimming, and other maintenance. The business usually has a knowledgeable staff and can help to determine why a tree is not growing as expected or if there is a pest or disease that could be causing a problem. They can also advise about mulch and placement for new trees. Whether it is for a residence or a commercial property, a tree service can provide great knowledge and keep trees looking their best.


Professionals are beneficial for many reasons. For trees that are very tall, special equipment may be needed, which most people don’t have on-hand or would be cost prohibitive to purchase. Safety is another concern. A tree service technician will know how to use a harness system to trim or deadwood a tree. Even if a tree is not particularly tall, it could be positioned or have grown near power or other utility lines which might need specific tools or require a very delicate process. The neighbor’s tree that drops branches, leaves or needles on your roof might need to be trimmed, but you could end up with a whole tree on your house if the job is not done right. After a big storm, many times a pro is needed if a tree has fallen or been uprooted. It is always a good idea to get help in this situation so that the risk of injury or property damage is greatly reduced.

For shaping, pruning or trimming trees, a professional knows exactly how this should be accomplished without causing harm. They will perform the task with the most benefit to the growth and health of the tree. A tree service professional can also give advice with regard to watering and how to get the most benefit from your tree, such as shade or privacy. For instance, if you live in Vienna, VA, a local tree service might tell you that trees are hardy in zones 5-8. When looking for tree trimming Vienna VA, a tree service professional can elaborate on the care of a Flowering Dogwood (the state tree).

When choosing a tree service, you will want to ask if they have an ANSI or ISA Certified Arborist. This will help to ensure you have the best knowledge in the field and be more comfortable doing business with a reputable company.