Two Ways to Get Dirty Gutters Clean and Prevent Expensive Repair Costs

The primary function of gutters is to take rain water away from the house. Most of the time, they do their job well. However, if the gutter gets clogged with leaves, water can pool on the roof or pour onto the ground, destroying flowers and anything else that might be near the house. Over time, water that doesn’t get pushed away from the house because they gutters are clogged can damage the home’s foundation.

Do-it-yourself Gutter Cleaning

Many homeowners clean their own gutters. It can be a messy job and if the roof is high, they have to be very careful. There are a few things a person will need before they get to work on their dirty gutters. The first thing is a scoop to lift the debris out of the gutter. Most people wear long rubber gloves to protect their hands and arms. Since this job is typically only done once a year, the debris they pull out of the gutter may be thick and slimy. Taller homes will require a sturdy ladder and a tarp on the ground can protect the lawn from whatever the homeowner pulls out of their gutters.

Professional Work

Because the job of cleaning gutters isn’t pleasant, some people hire a professional. As long as the gutters are properly maintained, the task only takes an hour or so and it is relatively affordable. Roofing companies typically charge around $100 to clean gutters. For those who don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder or who think the gutters might need to be repaired, hiring a professional is well worth the expense. A professional will inspect the gutters to make sure their aren’t any leaks and give the homeowner advice for keeping them clear throughout the year.

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Home ownership requires a lot of messy tasks. Keeping the gutters clean can help prevent very expensive problems with a house. The roof will last longer when the gutters are properly maintained and the homeowner won’t have to worry about water from the roof damaging the foundation. This is not a task that can be ignored. Homeowners who don’t want to do it themselves should hire a professional to clean their gutters once a year.